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The Customer gives the Service Seller a clear and informed consent to the processing of his / her personal data.
Personal data that has become known to the Seller of the Service shall be entered in the customer register and used in the sales service
to provide.


Necessary data


  • name, telephone number and e-mail address;

  • cost of goods and services and data related to payments (purchase history);

  • customer support information.

The Seller of the Service retains the contact details and information entered by the Customer about him. This information will be processed
confidential and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
The Seller of the Service may use the Customer's personal data to send information about special offers and campaigns to the Customer by e-mail.
by post only if the Customer has given his consent.

Astrid Beauty Academy OÜ is the chief processor of personal data.

Access to and correction of personal data

Personal data can be accessed and corrections made to the online store's user profile. If the purchase is made without
without a user account, personal data can be accessed via klint support.

Withdrawal of consent

If the processing of personal data takes place on the basis of the customer's consent, the customer has the right to withdraw the consent
notifying customer support via email.


When closing the customer account of the website, personal data will be deleted, unless such data needs to be stored
accounting or the settlement of consumer disputes. If the website is purchased without a customer account,
then the purchase history is preserved for three years. In the case of disputes relating to payments and consumer disputes, the
personal data until the claim is fulfilled or the limitation period expires. Personal data required for accounting purposes
maintained for seven years.


To delete personal information, contact customer support via email. The deletion request will not be answered
later than one month and shall specify the period for erasure. The e-mail is


Direct marketing communications

The e-mail address and telephone number will be used to send direct marketing messages if the customer has provided them
consent. If the customer does not want to receive direct marketing notifications, the corresponding reference must be selected in the footer of the e-mail or taken
contact customer support. If personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes (profiling), the customer has
the right to profiling both personal data for the initial and further processing of their personal data, including direct marketing
object at any time by notifying customer support via email.


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